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Here's what our adults are saying: 

"I have never been in such great shape and I love my new muscles!" Jane W, Age 48
"After attending Sarge Athletics, I fit back into my goal jeans!” Hope F, Age 40
“A total life changer...Did as much for me mentally as it did for me physically” Helene W, Age 44
"I lost 6 lbs and took a couple inches off my waistline" Mitch B, Age 52
"I thought I was in good shape before I started at Sarge, but this workout is different. It's fun, challenging, and different every day. Going into the program I didn't think that I needed to lose weight, but I ended up losing 25 lbs in three months and I've kept it off for a year. I hate missing a day!" Lynne R, 49

"Because of Sarge Athletics, I'm stronger, healthier, and leaner than I've ever been. Weight loss hasn't been my primary focus, but I've dropped three sizes and at 42 I look better and feel better than I did at 24!" Deborah S, Age 42

"Lost 25 lbs and can now run down my 14 year old son - he's fast." Luke G, Age 48